Deborah Law

Deborah Law

Deborah Lawhas had a career working in radio and television.
At the age of fifteen she was buying magazines which featured her favourite groups and decided that she could do this and so started doing interviews with some of the top pop groups and a few years later decided to take up photography.
This was in the days when rolls of film were used and she would easily get through 36 rolls at an event and then use all her earnings to get them developed - a very expensive hobby!
Deborah went to work at the teenage magazines in America, had her own gossip columns and featured the british groups in all the magazines. Duran Duran, Wham, Culture Club, Adam Ant - the readers of the magazines could not get enough of her interviews and photos! She secured exclusive deals - Duran Duran /Nick Rhodes wedding photos, Simon Le Bon on his racing yacht, Wham first cover on a teenage american magazine.
Over the years she would concentrate on groups that she knew would be popular at that time- Bros, A1, Blue, 911 - so many.
Now she does not do so much coverage, but if invited by the groups she loves, finds it very difficult not to go - to make sure they still get coverage in the media.
If there are any groups/performers/artists you want her to cover when they are in the north west let us know and we will see if we can get her there!

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